About the Research Center

In the strategic interest of the nation of Israel, the government has announced that research and development of technologies that reduce the use of oil in transportation constitutes a nation-wide task that requires the full exploitation of our nation’s intellectual resources. The main components of this program will be to bolster academic research both in infrastructure changes, as well as research into oil substitute materials.

INREP research developments

  • Fuel cells, main electrodes materials, and electrolyte systems.
  • Eelectrodes’ materials and catalysts
  • Theoretical studies
  • New analytical tools


The 2nd International Fuel Cells Workshop – Israel, hosted by the Israeli Fuel Cells Consortium (in the framework of INREP), will take place on October 30/31
Prof. Doron Aurbach wins the 2017 Allen J. Bard award in electrochemical sciences for developing high energy density lithium ion batteries, super capacitors and novel electro-analytical and spectro-electrochemical methods for sensitive electrochemical system. The Bard 

INREP organization congratulates Prof. Jean Marie Tarascon for winning The Eric and Sheila Samson, Israel’s Prime Minister’s prize for innovation in the fields of smart mobility and alternative fuels for transportation. The award ceremony will take place