Dr. Brian Rosen Tel Aviv University

Dr. Brian Rosen made aliyah in 2013 from the USA and is now a senior lecturer in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Tel Aviv University’s Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Rosen is the founder of the department’s Energy Materials Laboratory, which specializes in artificial photosynthesis, synthetic fuel production, electrochemistry, and the development of fuel cells for stationary and mobile applications.

Catalysts are materials that accelerate the speed of chemical reactions, and can be used to produce artificial fuels (such as hydrogen) or generate electricity. Unfortunately, modern catalysts deactivate over time and contain expensive and rare elements. Dr. Rosen develops novel synthesis techniques to design inexpensive catalysts on the nanoscale, and investigates how modifying the atomic structure of the catalyst impacts its efficiency and lifetime.