Dr. Malachi Noked Bar Ilan University

Dr. Noked has eight years of research experience as a material scientist with a strong background in the field of nanomaterials fabrication, electrochemical energy storage and electrochemical desalination systems.

Dr. Noked conducted his Ph.D. studies as an Eshkol scholar under the supervision of Prof. Doron Aurbach at Bar-Ilan University, studying fabrication and synthesis of carbon materials and composites, and investigating the electrochemistry of these carbonaceous materials for energy storage and water desalination.

After graduating, he was chosen as a Fulbright Ilan-Ramon fellow and conducted postdoctoral research in the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland, co-advised by Prof. SangBok Lee and Prof. Gary Rubloff, the leaders of UMD energy frontier research center (EFRC) (http://www.efrc.umd.edu/ ).

Dr. Noked’s postdoctoral studies involved studying state of the art nano-fabrication techniques for energy storage materials, and utilization of the fabricated material for fundamental interfacial studies in various electrochemical energy storage devices.

With over 40 publications in peer reviewed journals, he has demonstrated a record of success with diverse synthesis and fabrication techniques for electrode materials and surface modification, including physical and chemical vapor deposition (PVD, CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), and electrodeposition (ECD- templated and surface directed). Using this arsenal of fabrication techniques, Dr. Noked demonstrated original research contributions and mechanistic understanding of diverse electrochemical systems which involved non-faradaic electrochemistry (supercapacitors and water desalination), Faradacic electrochemistry of 2 phase (pseudo-capacitors, Li ion and Mg-ion batteries), and 3 phase (Metal air batteries) systems.

These versatile capabilities enabled collaboration with various laboratories who are interested in nano-materials and applied electrochemical systems, from both industry and academy, and leaded to multiple mutual publication and grants. These versatile capabilities in both synthesis and electrochemical aspects, makes Dr. Noked particularly well suited for his role in the proposed research, in which his group will synthesize the active materials and their surface modifications by ALD.