Dr. Salomon Adi Bar Ilan University

Adi Salomon got her PhD at 2007 from the Weizmann Institute of Science, in the Material and Interfaces department. Since 2013 she has been holding a senior researcher position in the chemistry department, at the BINA Nanotechnology Center for Advanced Materials at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Salomon has a complementary background both in surface chemistry and in optics. With recent advances in nanotechnology, her research interest is to combine these two fascinating subjects and lead to a progress of new research topics involving nanotechnology, optics and chemistry. Long-range energy transfer processes, photochemistry on surfaces, 3D nano-porous metallic networks, color generators at sub-micron scale and real-time imaging of surface electrodes are examples for on-going researches in her group.  In particular, as part on the INREP group  we develop spectroscopic tools that enable examination of electrodes surfaces during electrochemical processes (in-operando), based on second harmonic generation (SHG) techniques. The approach has the capability of analyzing surface species, surface films, passivation phenomena and can be highly useful for the understanding the behavior of new electrochemical systems.


The Salomon lab uses state-of-the art fabrication techniques to produce nano-patterned metallic surfaces strongly interacting with propagating light. As a result, the electromagnetic field is enhanced by several orders of magnitude and can be confined to a deep-sub wavelength volume.  Molecules located in proximity of the surface experience very strong fields, and thus their physical/photo-physical properties may be altered.  With the ability to control the frequency of this electromagnetic field by nano-fabrication, a design of new molecular systems with specific optical properties will be possible.