Dr. Sharly Fleischer Tel Aviv University


Coherent control of molecular angular distributions in 3D – alignment and orientation of  molecules in the gas phase.

Nonlinear optics in the terahertz and near-IR.

Ultrafast molecular dynamics

Coherent radiative decay of excited populations

Non-intrusive, in-situ terahertz spectroscopy of battery cells (under INREP project).

Laser induced alignment of macromolecules in liquid



B.Sc in chemistry, Ben Gurion University, 1999-2002

M.Sc in Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute, 2003-2005

PhD in Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute, 2005-2009

Academic Appointments

Senior lecturer – School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, 2013-Present

Postdoc in Chemical Physics at M.I.T, 2009-2013


Awards and Prizes

Best thesis award, Israeli Chemical Society, 2010

Kennedy prize for graduate students, Weizmann Institute, 2009

Otto Schwartz graduate scholarship fund award, 2009

“Eshkol” scholarship, Israel Ministry of Science Culture & Sport, 2006

Knesset award for academic excellence, 2005

Feinberg Graduate School Dean’s prize for M.Sc. students, Weizmann Institute, 2005