Prof. Dario Dekel Technion

Prof. Dario R. Dekel has more than 30 year-industrial experience in the food, chemical and electrochemical industry. His main areas of expertise include alkaline solid polymeric electrolyte materials (both membranes and ionomers) for electrochemical processes (batteries and fuel cells). He is an author and co-author of more than 30 papers and patents related to membranes, electrodes and electrochemical devices (in the fields of materials, processes, preparation, and testing).

Prof. Dekel is a faculty member at the Wolfson Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion since 2015. Although established about two years ago, the Technion Electrochemical Energy based on Membranes (TEEM) lab directed by Prof. Dekel already includes a group of 14 members – a senior scientist, postdocs and graduate students, from six different countries.

The TEEM lab focuses mainly on alkaline and proton-conducting fuel cells (AEM-FC and PEM-FC). In collaboration with more than 20 research groups around the world, Dekel’s lab investigates the main components and materials of FCs, both experimentally and theoretically, as well as complete FC assemblies. The main activities include functional group synthesis and stability investigation, membrane synthesis, catalyst research with non-Pt components, electrode synthesis from novel materials, and membrane properties investigation (conductivity, water uptake).