Prof. Zeev Gross Technion

Zeev Gross completed his Ph.D in the field of physical organic chemistry in 1987 from Bar-Ilan University. After 2 years of post doc in Princeton University in the field of porphyrin chemistry under Professor John T. Groves, he joined the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Technion, Israel where he is currently R.M. & R.D. Blum Professor of Chemistry and Dean of the Technion’s division for external and continuing studies.

Dr. Gross has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications and holds many patents on corroles (synthetic heme-like molecules), since discovering their first facile synthesis in 1999. He was awarded the prestigious Hans Fischer career award for 2018 in porphyrin chemistry, and among others the Israel Chemical Society Award for the Outstanding Scientist and Henry Taub Prize for Excellence in Research.

The research in his group is focused on the rational design of new corrole complexes for multiple purposes. After tuning their chemical and photophysical properties by devising selective synthesis protocols, their coordination chemistry in aqueous/non-aqueous solutions is revealed/studied by physical-organic methodologies, advanced spectroscopy, and electrochemistry, as well as by biochemical protocols.

Recent focus is on alternative energy and fuel cells, which includes the development of new chromophores for dye sensitized solar cells, the design of catalysts for the 4-electron/4-protons reduction of oxygen to water, the hydrogen evolution reaction, and for water oxidation (the oxygen evolution reaction) with emphasis on full characterization of the catalytic cycle and the various reaction intermediates. Another relevant approach that takes advantage of the strong reducing power of metallocorroles is the activation of small molecules/ions like carbon dioxide and halides.